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Powerful Walking

When I heard that 2 words my mind goes to a walk I rarely do. Only if I am in hurry or a dog run after me or a crazy man chase me….ha…ha…ha…

its always ended up with irregular breath, sweat and almost faint.

It doesnt mean that I dont like walk though. I can walk for one or two hours as long as the walk is slow, following my pace.

When it started to powerful walks I only can stand it for 3 – 5 minutes then I will get difficulty to breath. So I hate run and powerful walks.  I can swim and also I swim slow. If I increase my speed then I couldn’t finish even 1 loop.

All of my life I never know how it is like to be slim and healthy.

I saw so many girls with beautiful body, but I just can imagine if I have that body.

Yes, I have obesity since I was at a very young age.

People may think babies and children are cute when they have chubby cheeks and big body, but it’s not fun at all.

Since my eating behavior built from the age of 0 till now 43 years old, it is difficult for me to change my habit.

So many times I committed diet but as you can guess so many times too I failed.

I keep on eating what I want and never think about the amount. I eat until I feel full,  sometimes till I feel really full and difficult to stand up and go from the table.

I enjoy food very much because I was train like that. On top of that I started to got diabetic at the age of twenties….. because of my obesity not because genetically I have diabetic ancestor.

In my late thirties I got high blood pressure. It’s a complication from my diabetic and unhealthy life I lead.

Do I care? I don’t care……! Even I saw my Dad and his sisters  passed away from that disease.

I witnessed how diabetic as a silent killer to the people I love in my life and I will be the victim too one day.  I couldn’t fight the feeling of I DON’T CARE.&

Well, I read a lot of books about my disease. I know all the theory but my awareness is really low. I think why should I care, everybody will die.

I don’t have anybody to hang on in my life. If I die  maybe some people will feel sad and they will continue their life without me.

Life will go on. I don’t have any responsibilities in this world. I believe my sisters and brothers will taking care of our mother if I am not there.

For me, life is just live it and enjoy it till the end.

I may say that I am a good listener…he…he..he…

I think. I listen and watch my sisters and brothers’ life…..

I have two sisters, younger than me.   Both of them are married with children. I saw how their slim body become swollen after gave a birth.

I knew they tried so many ways and times to get slim. But it didn’t work well. Just like me….it’s a yoyo game.

One day, one of my sister, Diene, told me about 7 Path ways..or something like that.

I listen to her story and quite attracted. She told me about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming).

As an ex teacher I know a bit about this and I attracted to Diene’s story, but only that.

After sometimes Diene told me about she was going to attend a Happy eating class with Mba Nunny Hersiana.  After a week she told me about the class and explained to me how Ibu Nunny looks like..hmmm… interesting…

I saw many women in their 40’s , 50’s or even 60’s have beautiful body but with extra work and so many prohibitions in their life…..

So torturing I think.  I think so what?

Here she comes with a sentence: WE HAVE TO BE HAPPY WHEN WE ARE EATING….. hmmmm… this is really interesting. Since I am a good food lover, I am intrigued by this sentence.  However, since I am an “I don’t care” person, I just kept that information inside my mind.  One night I received a BBM from my cousin about Happy Eating. I was quiet and think maybe I should try.

Then I called Mba Tika, she convinced me to attend the class.  That’s the story how I joined this class. Now….. Power walks….

After I attended the HAPPY EATING (HE) class, I tried to chew the information and accept it very careful.

I don’t want to be mislead just as usual when I did my torturing diet.  I think hard and then decided to give a chance.  I tried since last Monday (26 November 2012) to walk powerful.

First I can’t really keep it up. Just few steps then I walk slow again. I lost my breath.  I tried to walk anywhere I go.  The second day (Tuesday), I’ve decided to wear long skirt, army color shirt and wedges sandals.  And I walk very powerful the whole day. I walk to my colleagues’ desks, to another office, down to the market and everywhere.

Some of my colleagues said like this: Bu, you look alike an army officer….. walk everywhere like a commander.  

Even one of them salute me everytime he wanted to go out…..ha….ha…ha…ha… Actually I think I walk like a model….qiqiqiqi…oops…. I am wrong…..my male side is overtake than my female side….

This is what happen when you grew up with boys… Anyway, I just don’t care… I walk from Busway station to my house. I have to walk powerful but should be careful since the path is not smooth. I could fall at any time.  Finally I reached home safely. 

When I checked my feet…oh dear…dear…. both of them are red not blister though.   My shanks were so painful……hiks..hiks..hiks… I just took a mindful breathing and drink…..well done for one more day……

Wednesday, 28 November 2012, From my house I’ve decided to walk instead of take a motorbike “Ojek”.

I put my walking sandal instead of the wedges.  I woke up early and go early from home.

I walked with “powerful walk” till I reach the busway station.  When I reached “Penjaringan Bus station” the time was 06:50. Usually I will be picked up by my colleagues at that station, but to day I decided to walk to their place . It took me 10 minutes to walk there.

My colleagues were surprise….he…he..he… Like Mba Nunny said..,, try to walk more.  I just think to find a reason to walk more…hahahahah… I will do it again tomorrow.

Today, Thursday, I woke up early and go out early. I walked to the bus station and again I walked to my colleagues’s place….hmmmm… this time I feel much better than yesterday.

I walked quite a lot today since I tried to walk more, even I have to do the “Office girl” job….he…he…he..  I planned to go back by bus, however since it started rain I drove home instead. It took me two hours….. goosh…!  Can it count as a powerful walks?…hahahahahaha…. I wish…

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